Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chicken Chipotle with Potatoes and Beans

La Ballona, a local Mexican restaurant in downtown Culver City, makes the best chicken chipotle. This is my attempt at their classic recipe.

  • Pinto beans
  • Red onion, chopped
  • Garlic, chopped
  • Potatoes, cubed
  • Chicken, cubed
  • Chipotle peppers (canned in adobo sauce)
  • Black pepper
  • Cilantro, chopped
  1. In a pot, boil the beans until tender
  2. In a large pan, sauté the onion and garlic in a bit of extra virgin olive oil until tender
  3. Add the potatoes and cook until they tender up a little bit
  4. Add the chicken pieces, cooking all sides until they turn white
  5. Add the beans and chipotle peppers with adobo sauce
  6. Grind some fresh black pepper into the pan, to taste
  7. Simmer this for a while until the potatoes are very tender and the chicken is cooked all the way through, adding water when the sauce becomes too thick
  8. Finally, add the chopped cilantro and mix well
  9. Serve hot with rice and corn tortillas

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